On Sunday June 4th 2017, we cooked up a half dozen party sized pizzas for the performers squaring off in the ring at Hogtown Wrestling’s Super Slam Five.

Hogtown Wrestling - Super Slam Five

Preparing these party-sized pies is an honour and privilege that our pizzeria takes very seriously. We directly sponsor this extravaganza, and donate the food to celebrate the courage of these remarkable athletes!

Frankie from Amicos PizzaThat afternoon we made six different extra large pizzas with two vegetarian options and delivered them steaming hot from the oven straight to the downtown venue.  When making this particular delivery, Frankie usually brings a driver so he doesn’t have to look for parking. He doesn’t want any delays to prolong this delivery.

Super Slam Five was special, and not because it was the last episode of the Hogtown Wrestling league’s Roger’s Community TV c0ntract, a revenue source which has sustained the organization and its many performers for years. But rather, because it marks a new beginning for this unique sports storytelling syndicate.

Rage wrestling through the ropes

Despite advancing into uncertain times, the Hogtown wrestlers staged a terrific show featuring a ten man tournament (five bouts of one on one wrestling) ending in a final five man circle match to crown a new champion.

A freshly donated mannequin from a store fixture company was completely destroyed during this final match and it’s bone white arms and legs used as cudgels by the contenders in the ring.

wrestlers use mannequin arms in match

After ten or more minutes of vicious brawling, the D-Man Daniel Parker eventually came out victorious with the final pin-fall victory over Nick Watts.

But that wasn’t the end of the story.  On that fateful Sunday afternoon the master villain Mysterion made another appearance to conscript the D-Man into his evil alliance. His chilling eulogy for Hogtown’s TV contract at the end of this historic event added even more uncertainty to the future of the enterprise.

Frankie delivers pizza to Hogtown Wrestling Super Slam 5

Will Hogtown Wrestling survive?  If the league can persevere, the performers can certainly continue to depend on Amico’s to provide pizzas at every show.









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