Press Release Distributed to Media Outlets

Press Release Distributed to Media Outlets

Last week we distributed this signed affidavit as our Press Release to CityNews, the Toronto Sun, Vice Canada, TRNTO part of Post City Magazines, blogto, CP24 and the Parkdale Residents Association the FaceBook group. We included the Text message for TRNTO magazine, that confirms the information in the affidavit is true and accurate. 

Text Messages Between Frank Horgan and Tyler Daniel - June 10th, 2020

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Deluxe Pizza Perfect for Rockclimber’s Adventure Drive

Amico’s Pizza is proud to supply Parkdale with authentic Italian cuisine, and late night pizza delivery, but readers should know our fare often travels well beyond the city limits. In the summertime, our patrons take pizzas with them when they head-out to escape the urban core.  Many families migrate to lake-front cottages and family farms and Amicos goes with them in the car.  When of our friends take long hikes in wooded areas and have pizza picnics high-up in the hills. Last week, when six rock climbers came shopping for a meal they could eat in the car, they got a swell deal from Frankie who supports summer fun.

Six rock climbers wanted a deluxe pizza for their after-work car ride to a nearby climbing gym.  One of the rock climbers en route to Hub Climbing was Raymi the Minx, who wrote about her rock climbing adventure.

Hub Climbing in Markham - boulderingThe climbers drove to Markham (in Rush Hour traffic) to participate in an evening team-building exercise at Hub Climbing, rock climbing and bouldering gym at 165 McIntosh that involved climbing tall walls with the use of autobelays and helping each other over various man-made obstacles in the gym. The activity also introduced the six participants to a new sport called bouldering which is the act of climbing over things without using safety ropes. If and when they fall, the participant lands on soft mats that are set out to cushion clumsy climbers.

bouldering, Hub Climbing, climbers- how to climb

One of the lessons that was taught in the exercise was how to fall; its not as easy as it looks.

Martin from Studenomics falls at Hub Climbing

And then the group put on harnesses and learned how to fall from a great height.

autobelay rock climbers at Hub Climbing in Markham

The group spent a long time and burned a lot of energy doing speed climbs. The fastest climber up the wall found honour among their friends on Facebook. The speed of 9.94 seconds was the best time up the twenty four foot wall; the best climbers used less than nine boulders to propel themselves up the incline.

speed climb up the wall in eleven seconds at Hub Climbing

The group had a blast at Hub Climbing and Amico’s Pizza was an important part of the adventure.

Casie on top of the wall

Casie Stewart wrote about rock climbing at Hub on her blog and included lots of little details.

Bloggers go bouldering at Hub Climbing in Toronto

Thanks Frankie for the pizza pie supper that gave this group the strength to ascend.

Jenn Turner , Modern Makeup, Pizza Parkdale Delivery

Pizza Delivery to Caneggs Condo Photo Shoot in Parkdale

Pizza always adds to the party! In the photo above, Jennifer Turner of Modern Makeup in Toronto relaxes on an upscale Toronto condo balcony in Parkdale with a slice of deluxe pizza from Amico’s.

Every weeknight (except Tuesday) and all weekend long, Amico’s Pizza’s delivery people rush our menu of real Italian pizzas and pastas to busy houses and apartments all over Parkdale and beyond.  Hungry people call us or order online when they need healthy food at affordable prices.  When delivered, our meals become part of the celebration and add to the cultural attraction. Such was the case on Saturday 09 June 2018 when Randolf, our delivery person that day, was called to a luxury condo overlooking Lamport Stadium.

Pizza delivery to parkdale condo

Premier Matrix Realty helped CanEggs Ltd make media that day, donating the unique photography space and buying the afternoon meal. Randolf delivered two large pizzas in boxes and three bags containing two different salads and an aluminum crisper filled with spicy chicken wings; a fourth cake box contained napkins, cutlery and dips. It was a large order, and contained enough food to feed a couple dozen people. But something was missing – the drinks. This crew didn’t order beverages from us because they were busy blending real fruit smoothies for themselves and for the internet.  While Randolf watched they made up another jug to accompany the dinner we delivered that day.

The ladies in the condo were hungry and real happy that Randolf showed up on time with solid food. They were waiting for the meal to be sure. Most had been there since ten in the morning working non stop styling food and faces for photography.

condo party balcony Velago patio sponsors

These female models and makeup artists were working hard making face masks (for health and beauty – skin rejuvenation) and blending and photographing fruit smoothies containing egg white powder from Caneggs in Toronto.  Each real fruit blend was brought to frothy perfection by adding 38 grams, or one heaping scoop of the powder per liter.

Martin makes fruit smoothies in Parkdale condo

Tamara the media producer was absolutely loving Amico’s black olive in gooey mozzarella cheese pizza. For her it was stress medicine; she needed the comfort food to relax and reset her mind.  Tamarra’s job is to test recipes and get photos of food creations and then write detailed descriptions of all the concoctions she made for the new product. This pizza hit the spot and nourished her creative spirit.

But what really made that Saturday so special was what was happening outside the condominium. The apartment had an incredible view of the lake and down below, in Lamport Stadium, over seven thousand rugby fans were gathered to watch the Toronto Wolfpack home opener.  Our team was taking on the London Broncos and the view from balcony was exquisite.

Martin Dasko with smoothie made from egg white powder

On Saturday 09 June 2018 at 4:30 pm Toronto’s transatlantic rugby league team celebrated its return to Lamport Stadium in style with a 32-12 victory over the London Broncos, extending its winning streak to twelve games straight in league play.  CBC Sports broadcast the game live all over Canada. Jason Lau from eMagTO visited the studio space while writing about the rugby game and included pictures from the balcony in his reporting.

Life above the crowds is sometimes more pleasant that being down in the bleachers, suffering a more immersive first-hand rugby fan experience.

These ladies were expecting gourmet pizzas, and so they were doubly thrilled to see the heaping salads that were included in the order.  The vegetarian offerings were the first dishes to be devoured out on the balcony.

Greek Salad - Amicos Pizza

Amico’s Pizza also sent along a box filled with paper napkins, pizza dips and salad dressings and plastic cutlery.  They set up out on the balcony where Velago Patio Furniture had donated an outdoor sofa and chairs. The ladies had everything the needed to relax and watch the game.

Alice Li, seen above on the left peeking into the cutlery box is 2017 Miss Ontario World, and while holding this title she’s careful to eat right and stay in shape for the summer’s competitions.  Beside her is Christina Paruag, the editor of FemEvolve magazine who not only eats nutritious food, but writes and photographs health and wellness fare for her publication.  Any restaurant in Toronto would have to work hard to win these ladies’ respect, and so it pleased us greatly to learn how much they loved their meal.


Amico’s Pizza Helps The Beer Store Fight Leukemia

On a beautiful warm Saturday, the 26th of May 2018, the Beer Store at Dupont and Symington Ave (Store # 2318, at 323 Symington Avenue) joined all the other locations across Ontario in their annual Returns For Leukemia fundraiser.  This charitable ‘bottle drive’ initiative is made possible by efforts from the United Food & Commercial Workers Local 12R24 and The Beer Store, and it is quite remarkable how well it integrates with the community. Many different businesses come together in partnership with The Beer Store to raise funds for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada. Amico’s Pizza is just one of many sponsors.

help fight leukemia at The Beer Store

In 2016 the annual Returns for Leukemia Bottle Drive campaign raised $1,652,012.24 , and in 2017 the charity $1,804,912.24. Who knows how much they raise this year, but it was a beautiful day on Saturday and so we expect big totals from across Toronto!  Over the last twelve years, the Beer Store and UFCW Local 12R24’s contributions have raised over $12 million dollars for this worth cause.
pizza is one dollar per slice at The Beer Store during the Returns for Leukemia bottle drive

Read the sign: pizza is one dollar per slice during the Returns for Leukemia bottle drive!  That’s the best price anyone could ever pay for real Italian pizza, served hot and fresh, anywhere in the city.

Leukemia bottle drive charity workers at The Beer Store during Returns for Leukemia
Volunteers are the heart and soul of the Returns for Leukemia bottle drive. These local ladies are the bosses; they are each conduits for independent business and education institutions’ participation.  These multilingual young charity workers are having fun doing good work, being part of the fundraising . They counted empties, cooked burgers, and washed cars as necessary throughout the day until 4pm. Car washes were five dollars each, and very comprehensive.

cold water car wash at The Beer Store

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada (LLSC) is the largest voluntary cancer research agency specifically focused on finding cures and better treatments for blood cancer patients. With the scope and scale to fund many projects at the same time, LLSC supports hundreds of cancer scientists around Canada.

What exactly did Amico’s Pizza donate? and Why?

Frankie, our faithful leader worked hard to create a half dozen pizza pies that hot Saturday morning and then he drove the food to the location and helped set-up the dispensary in such as way as to keep the supply hot and fresh.

LLS logo - leukemia CanadaIf you follow the money, the proceeds from our pizza donation will help encourage scientists around the world to pursue blood cancer research. Grants to young scientists help grow research talent even as federal research funding becomes increasingly limited.  The latest push is for more “targeted therapies” that kill cancer cells selectively because by hitting specific molecular targets, the treatments don’t harm patients’ healthy cells, resulting in fewer dangerous side effects.  Our donation will also help test immunotherapies. Immunotherapies strengthen a patient’s own immune system so their own bodies can better fight infections and attack cancer cells, reducing the need for damaging chemotherapy.

But perhaps the most important work that LLSC does is provide a wide array of programs that link newly diagnosed patients with trained volunteers that help cancer patients in day to day life and help families make informed decisions.  LLSC supplies information and counseling to help guide patients through their cancer journey and access current treatment and clinical trial options.

You Can Also Help Fight Leukemia at The Beer Store

Keep your eyes open for this unique medical mission – your own donation of time, money or beer bottle empties can help the fight against blood cancers at The Beer Store on this special weekend in May every year across Ontario.

supermodel survival packs for beauty contests

Amicos Supplied Supermodel Survival Packs to 2017 Search for Miss World Canada

Amico’s Pizza kitchen staff did double duty in the heat of July and August 2017 when they donated meals and prepared ‘Supermodel Survival Packs’ in connection with two national level beauty pageants.  Delegates participating in the 2017 Search for Miss World Canada and the 2017 Search for Miss Teenage Canada went a little less hungry thanks to the chef and his passion for portable food.

The 2017 Search for Miss Teenage Canada enjoyed Amicos Pizza Supermodel Survival Packs at their hotel headquarters in North York. These handy nourishment containers came in two flavours; ‘Protein Power’ and ‘Vegetable Overload’ together could replace a meal. Both packs really hit the spot, especially during dance practice.

delegats at 2017 Miss Teenage canada dined on Supermodel Survival packs during dance practice

Here are the ‘Vegetable Overload’ type MTC 2017 Supermodel Survival Packs that were made and donated by some local grocery stores who were also sponsors. They made these up to feed the girls during their long hours of rehersals. The stickers were printed by Sign Source Solution in Vaughan and applied to the plastic vessels as they were filled with fresh produce.

Supermodel survival packs, Liberty organic, Urban Fresh produce, All together over two hundred and fifty Super Model Survival Packs were made and distributed to the delegates of both pageants. The packs made by Amicos had one hard boiled egg alongside two sticks of Cheddar cheese and soft Greek style pita bread with red seedless grapes and fresh cut English cucumbers. The packs below were from local grocery stores and had broccoli, cauliflower, baby carrots, and cucumber and came with dip (Ranch dressing). Together the two packs could replace a meal. The delegates devoured a couple hundred of these packs while practicing for the final dances and they took whatever was left over to munch on later in their rooms.

delegates with supermodel survival packs at dance practise - 2017 search for miss teenage canada

Supermodel Survival Packs offered delegates healthy food options, anywhere and at anytime!

Miss World Canada distributed their Supermodel Survival Packs to delegates on 18 July Fitness Day at a health club. Mayfair Clubs Lakeshore has a healthy bistro and they supplied lunch. But after all the exercise and all the girls swimming in the saltwater pool recording their #SaltwaterSelfies the meal was appreciated and became necessary ‘bus food’. It was enjoyed enroute to the next event and it you’ve ever experienced one of these things then you’ll know there’s always another event. *After the pageant finale there was an after-party at REBEL and then another party after that.

To get a glimpse of what actually happens during a beauty pageant’s ‘experience week’ take a look at the media made by Cognition Video Production Company in Toronto who captured the mood in a ninety second sizzler showing all fifty seven ladies out on the lake.

The video showcases over a hundred moments and nicely encapsulates the entire expedition from boarding to disembarkation at 2:30 pm on a cruise aboard Mariposa Cruises vessel Oriole.

Dance practice happened all week long in the hotel ballroom, with new steps and sometimes whole new numbers being learned everyday. With all this daily excitement, its especially important for delegates to eat healthy meals and stay strong – Amicos’ Pizza is here to support all aspirations toward greatness and gourmet lifestyle.

healthy pizza for athletes in Toronto

Healthy Pizzas for Hogtown Wrestlers at Super Slam Five!

On Sunday June 4th 2017, we cooked up a half dozen party sized pizzas for the performers squaring off in the ring at Hogtown Wrestling’s Super Slam Five.

Hogtown Wrestling - Super Slam Five

Preparing these party-sized pies is an honour and privilege that our pizzeria takes very seriously. We directly sponsor this extravaganza, and donate the food to celebrate the courage of these remarkable athletes!

Frankie from Amicos PizzaThat afternoon we made six different extra large pizzas with two vegetarian options and delivered them steaming hot from the oven straight to the downtown venue.  When making this particular delivery, Frankie usually brings a driver so he doesn’t have to look for parking. He doesn’t want any delays to prolong this delivery.

Super Slam Five was special, and not because it was the last episode of the Hogtown Wrestling league’s Roger’s Community TV c0ntract, a revenue source which has sustained the organization and its many performers for years. But rather, because it marks a new beginning for this unique sports storytelling syndicate.

Rage wrestling through the ropes

Despite advancing into uncertain times, the Hogtown wrestlers staged a terrific show featuring a ten man tournament (five bouts of one on one wrestling) ending in a final five man circle match to crown a new champion.

A freshly donated mannequin from a store fixture company was completely destroyed during this final match and it’s bone white arms and legs used as cudgels by the contenders in the ring.

wrestlers use mannequin arms in match

After ten or more minutes of vicious brawling, the D-Man Daniel Parker eventually came out victorious with the final pin-fall victory over Nick Watts.

But that wasn’t the end of the story.  On that fateful Sunday afternoon the master villain Mysterion made another appearance to conscript the D-Man into his evil alliance. His chilling eulogy for Hogtown’s TV contract at the end of this historic event added even more uncertainty to the future of the enterprise.

Frankie delivers pizza to Hogtown Wrestling Super Slam 5

Will Hogtown Wrestling survive?  If the league can persevere, the performers can certainly continue to depend on Amico’s to provide pizzas at every show.









Pizza perfect at Amicos in Toronto

Dine Palace Makes Picture Perfect Pizza Portraits

On Tuesday the 11th of April 2017, Dine Palace restaurant marketing in Toronto was at Amicos Pizza at 1648 Queen Street West taking pictures of our delicious fresh cooked food.  The food was fresh because Frankie our boss was in the kitchen all afternoon cooking up the best plates on the menu for the camera. You can read a lovingly detailed behind-the-scenes account of the friends who gathered to have lunch that day on Sharing Toronto,

It was a happy occasion because Frank Horgan here at Amico’s Pizza does indeed have a great many friends in Parkdale, and many familiar faces dropped by that day to get in the pictures and help out with the marketing (and eat free pizza and pastas).

Nobody Minds Helping Marketers When They Get Free Pizza!

Here is our amico Bill Kinch who dropped by for some pizza – in fairness he wasn’t really dressed for pictures as he had no idea what we up to,  and we’ll never tell him we used this picture here either..

Bill Kinch

Bill Kinch dropped by for a slice of pizza in Parkdale which he paid for with his smile.

Inside the downstairs dining room area a photography studio evolved around a steaming plate of the lamb chops. That’s the CEO of Hashtagio John Macintosh holding the light bounce for Roger Metiever of Table of the Week.

lamb chops at Amicos Pizza, with John Macintosh, Roger Metiever

John Macintosh holds a light bounce over the lamb chops dinner that Roger Metiever is photographing for Dine Palace restaurant guide.

And that plate was followed by the Cannelloni in tomato sauce smothered in mozzarella cheese – this is one of Amico’s Pizza’s most understated meals. This dish is delicious.

Cantaloni cheese sausages

Markus said ‘Okay now we need to see some people enjoying these beautiful meals.” And that was Jay Nadler’s cue (Hutch Henries at Hogtown Wrestling) to sit down and eat a gorgeous 12 ounce rib-eye steak.

Markus, Roger photograph cantaloni at Amico's Pizza

Jay let us all know that he was absolutely starving, Okay Jay how about a delicious steak?

food marketing ar Amico's pizza

Dine Palace has special lights and filters for shooting meat and especially steak in daylight.

Food torture – Jay was hungry but couldn’t eat until all the pictures were done.  This is acting and required great discipline – for ten agonizing minutes the hungry wrestling manager could only look at the meal and pretend to be about to enjoy it…

Jay Nadler asks when can I eat steak

Jay asks why there is no beer on the table? Who would order a steak without wine or beer?

Okay Jay now get the cutlery in your hands and pretend you are here to eat. . . wait for it… okay wait for it…

jay pretends to eat the steak

Jay pretends to eat the steak

Mmmm that 12 ounce rib-eye steak sure looks juicy … just hang on Jay…

premium beef, rib-eye steak dinner at Amico's Pizza for $25

Gorgeous rib-eye steak dinner at Amico’s Pizza – $25

For ten minutes or more Jay had to pretend to be about to cut into the steaming steak… not yet Jay. Just hang on…

Markus and Roger from Dine Palace place a steak in front of Jay Nadler

Markus and Roger from Dine Palace place a steak in front of Jay Nadler

Just one more picture… swapping a lens… hang on Jay…

Jay pretends to cut steak, enjoy steak

The juicy steak drove Jay mad with hunger. . .

Jay looses patience in the process and goes mad with hunger

Jay is struggles to control his hunger.

And finally he snapped.

Jay loses his cool and devours steak dinner

When finally unleashed, Jay Nadler chewed that steak like a savage – he ate the meal like an animal attends a fresh kill.

This is just one turn of events that occurred while photographing the entries… Now can you imagine how much fun we had shooting the desserts?










Folk Fridays at Amico's Pizza

Folk Music in Parkdale on Friday Night at Amico’s Pizza

Folk Fridays at Amico's Pizza

Folk (music) Fridays at Amico’s Pizza – live folk music upstairs throughout March, April 2017

Folk Fridays at Amico’s Pizza is a popular musical event series with an all-star line up of folk musicians from across Ontario.

Friday April 14th – Don’t miss The Greyhound Riders, a Toronto based folk band made up of two full-time members, Celina Di Cecca on fiddle, viola, mandolin, ukulele and vocals and Tony Nesbitt-Larking on guitar, and percussion.

The two musicians met on a Greyhound bus in 2011. After collaborating on various projects, they decided to bring their diverse musical styles together in the fall of 2013 to form a band with a name that remembers their fateful bus trip. Tony and Celina’s original music is rooted in folk, has a twist of jazz, a touch of new-grass and hint of old-time. Both have an extensive list of composition and performance experiences

sarah hamilton, fiddle player in Toronto

Sarah Hamilton performs at Amico’s Pizza on Friday 21 April 2017

Friday 21 April 2017, the lovely and talented Sarah Hamilton Toronto fiddle player will perform live! Born and raised in Whitehorse, Yukon, Sarah has been playing fiddle since the age of six, and started performing professionally at the age of 14. She’s the driving force in The Done Gone String Band accompanying groups such as Reuben and the Dark, and Spencer Jo and the River Ramble in Calgary, Alberta.

Sarah is now located in Toronto, Ontario where she’s singing and playing in the Pigeonhawk Stringband and local swing orchestra Combo Royale and has just released her first solo recording, engineered by the legendary Bob Hamilton at Old Crow Recording.  With that in mind I reckon there’ll be CDs for sale at this show.

Friday April 28th the last show in the Folk Friday series will see Sarah Jane Scouten perform upstairs at Amico’s Pizza.

Discovered by Vancouver label Light Organ Records when she was cold-called into the studio to make an EP with the prolific music producer Andy Bishop as part of a series of releases, coined The Railtown Sessions (links here), Sarah’s career has blossomed ever since.  She has performed on big stages with majors artists all over Canada but now calls Parkdale home and of course she loves Amico’s Pizza.


LAN Party, CIV3 Multiplayer, Crush Human Opponents, Sunday 15Jan2017

Civ3 logo

Come play Civilizations  III in an epic struggle against seven human strangers in an old school LAN (Local Area Network)  Party at Amico’s Pizza.

On Sunday Jan 15th 2017 we’re taking over the upstairs of the restaurant for the entire day, and probably well into the evening.

upstairs at Amicos pizza

We’re making tables and chairs in the big room available for gamers of all stripes, but specifically for six to eight players to have a very special experience – something they’ve dreamed about… A chance to test their mettle against human players who are just as cunning as themselves.   Sure sure more folks can play other games but specifically this day is for six to eight civilizations to clash upstairs at Amico’s

Come play Sid Meir’s CIV3 the way it was designed, against seven human players.

Why CIV3 and not 4, 5, or now 6? because CIV3 is the last of the LAN – we’ll need the CDs!  Bring yours – come jack in  we play Civ3 today because its the quickest and best multiplayer experience. There’s no pesky religions to miss out on, and you can stack troops and the scramble for finite resources is brilliant as they often appear on the borders.. Its a well conceived blend of strategy and luck and perhaps a perfect isotope of the game, certainly the best version for a LAN party.

How it works.

Six to eight human players,  each with their own equipment (desktop or laptop) will meet for the first time and test their skills in a multiplayer ARCHIPELAGO game set to simultaneous turns governed by a slow turn timer. Each turn is approx 3 min and most will go the full length as inevitably someone will always be dealing with disorder, a barbarian incursion or tricky diplomacy etc

RULES – We play the best of three starts – that means we start three games and play each start for five turns, then we vote to play one game forward to the end.  That championship game is expected to last until five or six pm but could continue until midnight  – until one player remains.

There will be prizes! and the winner will take home a free family sized Amicos pizza provided the kitchen is still open when the game ends.

The player that’s in the lead in the scoreboard could suffer the small discomfort of having their screen rebroadcast on the central big screen TV in the room so their game can and will surely entertain the mass of people who drift in and out of the restaurant’s upstairs area to spectate on the event. That player can also ask for and will be deserving of free pizza slices from admirers.

Are you worried the administrators will have technical difficulties and won’t be able to get everyone jacked into the LAN or accommodated on WiFi ? So a I .. and that’s why I’ve asked Ahmad Zehour from A2zPC computer repair to stop by at nine am that morning and be on standby until noon. Ahmad lives and works just one block north of Amicos on Dundas St W at Roncesvalles Ave.

Any questions? comment for answers. I’ll update this post with pics and more details on sponsors prior to the event.





The Lover is celebrates his victory!

Amico’s Pizza Sponsors Need for Speed 11 Nov Wrestling at HogtownPro

Amico’s Pizza continues to sponsor Hogtown Wrestling and was especially proud to help the league produce their Friday 11th November 2016 Need for Speed event. This night featured some truly exceptional wrestling as fourteen different athletes hit the mat, each motivated to win fame and acclaim on their rise to the top. Read about who rose and fell during the matches on the Hogtown Wrestling Blog.

Here are some highlights we captured from the match-ups.  Below is CL Volino being abused by Bruiser Brakken.

aa-cvolino aa-dinepalace1

Above, Roger from Dine Palace watches the action is amusement; his organization donated the huge new vinyl ring apron to the wrestling league.  They made it extra large so that it will better accommodate the new ring that is on order for the 2017 matches! Below is Goliath Ayala who took on Speedball Mike Bailey.aa-goliath

Below the camera captures Jim Nye the Science Guy moments after he had his arm wrenched backwards by The Sumerian Golem. Both of these characters benefited from 3rd party sponsorship, besides eating our pizza. Jim got a half hour massage from Toronto Physiotherapist Damian Wyard of Pilates4Physio and The Sumerian Golem tried the spa and vitamin drips at Jaconello Wellness Centre and is the star of a funny video wherein the masked wrestler tries every treatment in the clinic.


Here’s a nice wide shot of the backstage area where wrestler’s change costumes and where they eat our pizza before and after their matches in the gallery.

aa-p4p-stageaa-mediawallHogtown Wrestling has introduced a video projector to the live shows, and on Friday night they were using Hashtagio to curate Instagram and Twitter pictures of the wrestlers. This interactive ingredient makes the shows even more entertaining.

Below is Speedball Mike Bailey who was the star of the Need for Speed event posing for a picture beside an obviously adoring female fan – the photo is not staged. This girl really was looking at her hero with pizza dough eyes.


These two veteran wrestlers both had amazing matches that night, and the crowd that greeted them was genuinely interested in buying their collectible merchandise. Wrestling posters and 8×11 glossy photos can be quite collectible and each one they sell is another brick in their reputation tower.



Speedball Mike Bailey photo -signed 'To Becca'

Below is Shannon Tebb from Shanny in the City, the Ring Girl at the Need for Speed show. This person is part of the show and poses with sponsors – she sits near the ring and gathers clothes and props and excess gear and keeps such items safe while the wrestlers do battle in the ring. Behind her, deep in the sponsor section (the safest area still close to the ring) is John Conn from Standard Telecom office phone systems and Ahmad Zehour from A2ZPC computer repair who both starred in a terrific video about the office phone hacking and PC virus removal story core to the Hogtown Wrestling league name change and the myth making that is helping make this sports theatre so special and so well integrated into the community.

aa-shanny Below is Martin Casanova, the Latin lover. If you look closely at the picture you can see he’s wearing a custom sports-guard made by Archer Dental that says ‘The Lover’. A sports guard covers the top row of teeth only, allowing the wrestler to call out in comprehensible language during the match.


aa-thelover2 aa-wrestlg

Above is Wrecking Ball giving the knee bend crux to Eddie Sapps!