olive oil tasting at Singles Pizza Night at Amicos Pizza

Sarafino Foods with Single in the City at Amico’s Pizza

Here’s Laura Bilotta the Toronto matchmaker from Single in the City with John Macintosh from Hashtagio social media aggregator just before the start of Laura’s Singles Pizza Making Night, a unique networking event held here at Amico’s Pizza.

Laura Bilotta with John Macintosh from Hashtagio

Singles Pizza Making Night at Amico’s Pizza in Toronto!

Frank Horgan on phone in Amicos PizzaFrank got the call a month ago, and he said yes to Laura Bilotta when she asked to bring twenty-four single people to our historic Parkdale restaurant at the start of November 2016. He said yes because over the years Amico’s Pizza has been the meeting place for many married couples; we frequently get people returning to where it all started for them a decade ago or longer. If you’re one of those people who met your lover here in the nineties or 2000’s please don’t hesitate to contact us for a deep discount anniversary pizza!

As usual, our man Frank Horgan ran the kitchen and made sure that everyone who participated in the event and who came back into his realm to make their pizza had the correct amount of dough, and applied the proper amount of sauce, and sprinkled on enough seasonings, and had full access to countless fresh ingredients.  That’s all they needed as Frank took care of all the cooking. Here’s Mr Horgan with his son beside him at the top of the night.

Frank Horgan and Son at Amicos Pizza

Angelo Tramonti from Sarafino Foods generously donated an authentic olive oil tasting experience!

Andelo Tramonto - olive oil importerAngelo Tramonti, the boss at a local olive oil importing company Sarafino Foods brought samples of four different oils from four different olive tree varietals and gave the audience an amazing taste experience.  He took everyone to Italy in their mouths for a moment and won our hearts forevermore with his knowledge and perspective.

olive oil tasting trays

By putting the four different oils in four different coloured shot glasses, Angelo was able to demonstrate the subtleties of the product in a way that many of the attendees had never experienced before. Plus he gave each participant an unopened taster bottle so they could go home and impress their family and friends with their knowledge. The screw cap bottles are resealable so they can do this many times.

olive oil testers

Angelo offered the group four different olive oils to try, but not before first telling them that they’ve probably never tried real olive oil before in their entire lives. He used the outrageous comment to spark a discussion on the fraud that’s happening on supermarket shelves today regarding the way the Canadian government lets olive oil distributors use misleading labels so consumers don’t realize they’re buying inferior product. There needs to be more public awareness about this issue and Angelo is on a mission to educate consumers and demand change.

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, each participant was given an apron and two minutes at the counter to add tomato paste and seasonings and then garnish their own very personal pizza anyway they liked. custom pizza making event for singles

There was a massive array of toppings for the pizza-making participants to choose from, including a variety of exotic ingredients like capers, pickled onions, asparagus, basil and other specially imported meats and cheeses in addition to the arsenal of regular toppings present at the counter. At the end of their chef experience, each artist had to sign the pizza somehow, and make some distinctive feature so they could identify their work when it was cooked and brought out hot later on.

custom pizza-making experience at Amicos Pizza in TorontoEach group took about ten minutes to complete their cuisine creations and there were six groups or twenty four individual pizzas made in total.

Laura from Single in the City makes pizza Twenty  five pizzas actually, as Laura went last and made a wicked Za with everything she liked most, and Frank was truly amazed at her creativity.

Her pizza creation, the Single in the City pizza (for two) may be featured on the Amico’s Pizza menu next summer, so I wont give away the ingredients now as we’ll likely have a patio party and debut it.

Frankie guarded the custom pizzas waiting to be cooked as they stacked up behind him in the kitchen. Now with Laura’s pizza ready to go, the pies were loaded into the oven six at a time to be finished and served hot to the waiting crowd all at once.

custom pizzas waiting to be cooked

custom pizzas in pizza oven, Amicos kitchenAs Angelo wrapped up the olive oil tasting in the main dining area, the smell of cooked pizzas wafted through the restaurant and drove everyone crazy.

As everyone knows our legendary Italian eatery also has a back patio and the smell o9f pizzas had one couple walking through the back lane stop and ask if it was possible to buy a pizza from a participant!  I’m not sure if that attendee sold their pizza but regardless our events do impact the neighbourhood.

Frank had been half baking the pizzas just to get them started, and now finished the pies off in a group bake to slice them and send them out to the waiting chefs. The hungry event attendees lined up at the bar to claim their work and eat and share their pizzas while they were still piping hot.

group examines pizza made by participant for makers' marks

Beautiful pizza made by single pizzamakerAfter that the evening came to its delicious conclusion with everyone mingling, sharing and eating their pizzas.

As mentioned earlier Angelo gave everyone four small olive oil tester bottles to take home with them and these combined with the left over pizza slices made the event very worthwhile for attendees, some of which also collected phone numbers !










Rage with microphone in ring

Amico’s Pizza Sponsors Hogtown Wrestling

One of the best things about being the most legendary pizzeria in Parkdale has to be all the wonderful community building opportunities that come our way; people often reach out and ask us to get involved and support their events and awareness campaigns.  We donate pizzas to a plethora of places, but without question one of our favourite local meetings is the monthly Hogtown Wrestling matches.

Hogtown Wrestling Title Match at Socktoberfest

We love Indy wrestling! Amico’s Pizza helps support the spectacle by sending the organization free cheese & pepperoni square-boys which they turn around and sell for two bucks a slice at the show to help cover the cost of hosting the event.

Here’s Jeannie Johnson, wife of local wrestling legend and uncle of The Rock Dwayne Johnson, Ricky Johnson, holding up some remaining squares at the October 2016 event. This photo was used in the Toronto Guardian article about Hogtown Wrestling, which of course also mentions Amico’s Pizza.

pizza for sale at Hogtown Wrestling

At this same event in May 2016, back when the league was still called Victory Commonwealth Wrestling, the pizza vendor was suddenly part of the show!  Two wrestlers crashed into the pizza table in a dramatic out-of-the-ring combat scene that sent pizza squares flying everywhere. They rolled around in our cheese and pepperoni product and one piece was stuck to a wrestler’s sweaty shoulder when he emerged from the scrum. It was thrilling to watch, but a disappointing turn of events for hungry wrestling fans, and the administrators didn’t care much for the spontaneous plot twist either. It actually proves to us that much of the show isn’t scripted, as who’d ever plan such a stunt?

What’s the highlight of the show? At every Hogtown Wrestling bout the athlete named ‘Rage’ wears an Amico’s Pizza muscle shirt as he walks around the ring boasting about himself and spouting threats toward his opponents. We love that – his matches are definitely the best part of the evening for us!

Rage with microphone in ringHere’s a picture of our boss Frankie Horgan posing with the Oct 2016 Hogtown Wrestling Ring Girl, Raymi the Minx as she wrote in her blog post about being the Ring Girl at Hogtown Wrestling, its part of her contract to pose with sponsors.

Pizza Toronto Raymi wih Frankie from Amico's Pizza with Raymi the Minx at Hogtown WrestlingHogtown Wrestling is an amazing spectacle set in the action packed world of pro wrestling and filled with colourful characters performing some extremely compelling sports theatre, complete with amazing stunts and tongue-in-cheek humour as their thought provoking combats tests men and ideas.hogtownpro live wrestling nov11 toronto

You can get your tickets in advance and save $5 at the door by ordering online – next show is Friday Nov 11th Hogtown Live Wrestling in Toronto at Eventbrite.





Amicos Pizza, 1648 Queen St W

Singles Pizza Making Night Nov 1st

Single in the City TV show star Laura Bilotta and legendary pizza-maker Frank (Frankie) Horgan from Amicos Pizza Toronto at 1648 Queen St W Toronto are working together and hosting a unique pizza-making party that doubles as a singles networking event on Tues Nov 1st 2016 at the restaurant. No, it wont be on TV…


Singles Pizza Making Night At Amico’s Pizza
Amico’s Pizza – 1648 Queen St W Toronto M6R 1B2
November 1st 2016, evening – 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Cost: $35

frankie checks the pizza ovenAfter some brief introductions and simple instructions on how to make great pizzas by Frankie, the night is all about mixing and matching people with exotic ingredients. A sausage fest to be sure, and peppers, chilies and squash; work with complete strangers handling rare seafood, cured meats and aromatic cheeses as you all melt together making unique cuisine that piques new relationships.

Amico’s Pizza is a real cute venue – after being in business for so long and catering so many late night parties it could almost be considered historic,

This is a unique experience hosted by two of Toronto’s top experts in their fields.



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