healthy pizza for athletes in Toronto

Healthy Pizzas for Hogtown Wrestlers at Super Slam Five!

On Sunday June 4th 2017, we cooked up a half dozen party sized pizzas for the performers squaring off in the ring at Hogtown Wrestling’s Super Slam Five.

Hogtown Wrestling - Super Slam Five

Preparing these party-sized pies is an honour and privilege that our pizzeria takes very seriously. We directly sponsor this extravaganza, and donate the food to celebrate the courage of these remarkable athletes!

Frankie from Amicos PizzaThat afternoon we made six different extra large pizzas with two vegetarian options and delivered them steaming hot from the oven straight to the downtown venue.  When making this particular delivery, Frankie usually brings a driver so he doesn’t have to look for parking. He doesn’t want any delays to prolong this delivery.

Super Slam Five was special, and not because it was the last episode of the Hogtown Wrestling league’s Roger’s Community TV c0ntract, a revenue source which has sustained the organization and its many performers for years. But rather, because it marks a new beginning for this unique sports storytelling syndicate.

Rage wrestling through the ropes

Despite advancing into uncertain times, the Hogtown wrestlers staged a terrific show featuring a ten man tournament (five bouts of one on one wrestling) ending in a final five man circle match to crown a new champion.

A freshly donated mannequin from a store fixture company was completely destroyed during this final match and it’s bone white arms and legs used as cudgels by the contenders in the ring.

wrestlers use mannequin arms in match

After ten or more minutes of vicious brawling, the D-Man Daniel Parker eventually came out victorious with the final pin-fall victory over Nick Watts.

But that wasn’t the end of the story.  On that fateful Sunday afternoon the master villain Mysterion made another appearance to conscript the D-Man into his evil alliance. His chilling eulogy for Hogtown’s TV contract at the end of this historic event added even more uncertainty to the future of the enterprise.

Frankie delivers pizza to Hogtown Wrestling Super Slam 5

Will Hogtown Wrestling survive?  If the league can persevere, the performers can certainly continue to depend on Amico’s to provide pizzas at every show.









The Lover is celebrates his victory!

Amico’s Pizza Sponsors Need for Speed 11 Nov Wrestling at HogtownPro

Amico’s Pizza continues to sponsor Hogtown Wrestling and was especially proud to help the league produce their Friday 11th November 2016 Need for Speed event. This night featured some truly exceptional wrestling as fourteen different athletes hit the mat, each motivated to win fame and acclaim on their rise to the top. Read about who rose and fell during the matches on the Hogtown Wrestling Blog.

Here are some highlights we captured from the match-ups.  Below is CL Volino being abused by Bruiser Brakken.

aa-cvolino aa-dinepalace1

Above, Roger from Dine Palace watches the action is amusement; his organization donated the huge new vinyl ring apron to the wrestling league.  They made it extra large so that it will better accommodate the new ring that is on order for the 2017 matches! Below is Goliath Ayala who took on Speedball Mike Bailey.aa-goliath

Below the camera captures Jim Nye the Science Guy moments after he had his arm wrenched backwards by The Sumerian Golem. Both of these characters benefited from 3rd party sponsorship, besides eating our pizza. Jim got a half hour massage from Toronto Physiotherapist Damian Wyard of Pilates4Physio and The Sumerian Golem tried the spa and vitamin drips at Jaconello Wellness Centre and is the star of a funny video wherein the masked wrestler tries every treatment in the clinic.


Here’s a nice wide shot of the backstage area where wrestler’s change costumes and where they eat our pizza before and after their matches in the gallery.

aa-p4p-stageaa-mediawallHogtown Wrestling has introduced a video projector to the live shows, and on Friday night they were using Hashtagio to curate Instagram and Twitter pictures of the wrestlers. This interactive ingredient makes the shows even more entertaining.

Below is Speedball Mike Bailey who was the star of the Need for Speed event posing for a picture beside an obviously adoring female fan – the photo is not staged. This girl really was looking at her hero with pizza dough eyes.


These two veteran wrestlers both had amazing matches that night, and the crowd that greeted them was genuinely interested in buying their collectible merchandise. Wrestling posters and 8×11 glossy photos can be quite collectible and each one they sell is another brick in their reputation tower.



Speedball Mike Bailey photo -signed 'To Becca'

Below is Shannon Tebb from Shanny in the City, the Ring Girl at the Need for Speed show. This person is part of the show and poses with sponsors – she sits near the ring and gathers clothes and props and excess gear and keeps such items safe while the wrestlers do battle in the ring. Behind her, deep in the sponsor section (the safest area still close to the ring) is John Conn from Standard Telecom office phone systems and Ahmad Zehour from A2ZPC computer repair who both starred in a terrific video about the office phone hacking and PC virus removal story core to the Hogtown Wrestling league name change and the myth making that is helping make this sports theatre so special and so well integrated into the community.

aa-shanny Below is Martin Casanova, the Latin lover. If you look closely at the picture you can see he’s wearing a custom sports-guard made by Archer Dental that says ‘The Lover’. A sports guard covers the top row of teeth only, allowing the wrestler to call out in comprehensible language during the match.


aa-thelover2 aa-wrestlg

Above is Wrecking Ball giving the knee bend crux to Eddie Sapps!








Rage with microphone in ring

Amico’s Pizza Sponsors Hogtown Wrestling

One of the best things about being the most legendary pizzeria in Parkdale has to be all the wonderful community building opportunities that come our way; people often reach out and ask us to get involved and support their events and awareness campaigns.  We donate pizzas to a plethora of places, but without question one of our favourite local meetings is the monthly Hogtown Wrestling matches.

Hogtown Wrestling Title Match at Socktoberfest

We love Indy wrestling! Amico’s Pizza helps support the spectacle by sending the organization free cheese & pepperoni square-boys which they turn around and sell for two bucks a slice at the show to help cover the cost of hosting the event.

Here’s Jeannie Johnson, wife of local wrestling legend and uncle of The Rock Dwayne Johnson, Ricky Johnson, holding up some remaining squares at the October 2016 event. This photo was used in the Toronto Guardian article about Hogtown Wrestling, which of course also mentions Amico’s Pizza.

pizza for sale at Hogtown Wrestling

At this same event in May 2016, back when the league was still called Victory Commonwealth Wrestling, the pizza vendor was suddenly part of the show!  Two wrestlers crashed into the pizza table in a dramatic out-of-the-ring combat scene that sent pizza squares flying everywhere. They rolled around in our cheese and pepperoni product and one piece was stuck to a wrestler’s sweaty shoulder when he emerged from the scrum. It was thrilling to watch, but a disappointing turn of events for hungry wrestling fans, and the administrators didn’t care much for the spontaneous plot twist either. It actually proves to us that much of the show isn’t scripted, as who’d ever plan such a stunt?

What’s the highlight of the show? At every Hogtown Wrestling bout the athlete named ‘Rage’ wears an Amico’s Pizza muscle shirt as he walks around the ring boasting about himself and spouting threats toward his opponents. We love that – his matches are definitely the best part of the evening for us!

Rage with microphone in ringHere’s a picture of our boss Frankie Horgan posing with the Oct 2016 Hogtown Wrestling Ring Girl, Raymi the Minx as she wrote in her blog post about being the Ring Girl at Hogtown Wrestling, its part of her contract to pose with sponsors.

Pizza Toronto Raymi wih Frankie from Amico's Pizza with Raymi the Minx at Hogtown WrestlingHogtown Wrestling is an amazing spectacle set in the action packed world of pro wrestling and filled with colourful characters performing some extremely compelling sports theatre, complete with amazing stunts and tongue-in-cheek humour as their thought provoking combats tests men and ideas.hogtownpro live wrestling nov11 toronto

You can get your tickets in advance and save $5 at the door by ordering online – next show is Friday Nov 11th Hogtown Live Wrestling in Toronto at Eventbrite.